*i Shares (selected list)*

Hello ! I am neither a Stock Broker nor an Investment Adviser but my hobby is trading stocks (stock trading carries very high financial risk). Recently, I reviewed a list of iShares and watched their daily movements during the trading schedule. I was thrilled to see that there were more ups than downs in the price movement. I narrowed the list (approximately 107 tickers) down and now selling it for only $50 one time your cost. If you are interested in purchasing this list, please send me an email at: arvintucker1951@gmail.com and I will email the list to you after your payment is confirmed. Please also provide your credit card information in following format to enable me to charge $50.00.

  1. Type of Credit Card: VISA, MASTER CARD:
  2. Card Holder’s name:
  3. Card Holder’s billing address:
  4. Credit Card Number:
  5. Credit Card Expiration:
  6. CVV Number (normally 3 digits on the backside of the credit card):
  7. Your contact phone number:

You, the cardholder who is authorized to charge, is authorizing Arvin Tucker d/b/a Fight Bad Health to charge on above card, the amount due.

Thank you.